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Name: Youssef Shamoun
Ethnicity: Syrian
Location: New Jersey, USA


Youssef's Demo - "Ykhalili"

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     Youssef Shamoun was born in Aleppo, Syria.  Aleppo is a traditional city that has always cherished its original music and has passed it from generation to generation like the much-loved "Mouwashahat and the Koudoud Halabia."  It is also known for its Tarab which is a style of classical Arabic music.  To this day, singers and musicians from Aleppo still treasure the classical Arabic music and strive to keep it alive.  Aleppo has many Great talents and accomplished singers like Sabah Fakhry, Mouhamad Khairy, Ali Aldarwish, and Bakry Kurdi.
      Youssef was inspired by music since his early childhood, and was greatly influenced by the classical Arabic music of Aleppo. He has performed in several Middle Eastern countries and has participated in many events and concerts where he has been well received by his audience and peers as a promising talent.
      Youssef has appeared in several television programs on popular channels including A.R.T (Arabic Radio Television).  In addition, he has performed on several radio channels including Syrian FM and the popular Lebanese station “Radio Strike.”  Lastly, he has performed in many weddings, parties, and clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
      Youssef  Shamoun graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey in December of 2005 and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance.  He currently resides in New Jersey, USA.

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